Do business from a new perspective


Save time, reduce risk and make better decisions. With precise, high-resolution aerial images, Site Media provides the insight you need for the job at hand.
It’s better than being there

Save time and inspect locations remotely

Sitemedia’s highly detailed visual and topographical content allows you to accurately survey and measure a location in the fraction of the time it takes to do it physically on site. Save not only the time spent on site, but also reduce the travel time to each location.

Make better informed decisions

With Sitemedia, you can make detailed inspections and confident decisions about a site without having to be physically present. Timely, accurate and reliable information can make or break a project so get in touch now to find out how Sitemedia can help you make better decisions remotely, with confidence.

Reduce risk

When decisions involve the safety of staff, customers and the public, the impact of inaccurate information can go beyond monetary costs. High-resolution, up-to-date imagery enables businesses to identify and prepare for hazards, check access and plan with confience before they commence work, significantly improving work safety.